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Become a member of the most dynamic national group of students, professionals, advisors, and friends who are working toward eliminating disparities in education and achievement in engineering.  Join the national NSBE organization today!

Membership Types and Dues​

NSBE Membership is categorized as follows:

  • NSBE Jr: For K-12th grade students who wish to embrace STEM

  • NSBE Collegiate: For Undergraduate and Graduate Students focused on STEM

  • NSBE Professionals: For Technical Professionals upholding NSBE's Mission

  • NSBE Lifetime Members: Technical Leaders dedicated to a lifetime of fulfilling NSBE's Mission

Here are the annual dues for NSBE Membership:

  • NSBE Jr: $5/year for national dues + NSBE Jr. Chapter Dues

  • NSBE Collegiate: $15/year for national dues + NSBE Collegiate Chapter Dues

  • NSBE Professionals: $50/year for national dues + $50/year for NSBE PRO-PDX Dues

  • NSBE Lifetime Members: $1200 one-time national due (or spread across 12-months) + $50/year for NSBE PRO-PDX Dues

Wherever you are, whatever you do . . . if you stand by NSBE's mission, then we have a place for you!

Note: The NSBE membership year spans August 1 – July 31.  The membership fee is nonrefundable. By submitting your membership application, you acknowledge that the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) World Headquarters office is not liable for the collection or refund of any chapter-related fees. These additional fees may include chapter dues and/or tuition.

Note: While NSBE PRO-PDX is currently only able to accept professional-level and lifetime memberships, junior- and collegiate-level memberships are available through the national organization.


Member Benefits

NSBE’s membership provides you with access to -

For more information about the benefits, visit the national page here.

Join NSBE Today


To become a member of NSBE PRO-PDX, you will first need to sign up with the national organization and then register with our chapter. Here are the steps on how to do that:

1. Navigate to the NSBE National Website at

2. Select "Become a Member"

3. Enter your email address (as the system verifies its availability in the NSBE database)

4. Complete your profile information

a. Complete you address information (and enter your phone number as ##########)

b. If you are interested in a Lifetime Membership, then check the interest box for it

5. Select the appropriate membership type (i.e. Professional Member)

6. Complete the following for Chapter Selection:

a. Chapter Country ==> United States

b. Location ==> Oregon

c. Please choose your chapter ==> NSBE Professionals of Portland (NSBE PRO - PDX)

7. Complete your Education Information

8. Complete your Professional Information

9. Complete your Communication Preferences

10. Select the NSBE Special Interest Groups that you would like to join

11. On the Payment Page, check the shopping cart for "NSBE Professionals of Portland"

12. If everything looks good, then submit your payment

Secondly, you will need to sign up for a membership with the NSBE PRO-PDX chapter. Here are the steps to connect with our chapter:

13. Contact our chapter and check "I would like to become a member or renew my membership"

14. In the message box, include your NSBE ID# (issued after paying National NSBE dues)

15. Navigate to the Donation Page

16. Complete the payment information, using the "NSBE PRO-PDX Chapter Dues" designation for the payment

To cover chapter dues fully, please pay $50.00 + Processing Fee.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Renew/Reinstate your Membership


If you are/were a NSBE member, you will need to:
1.     Log in to NSBEConnect
2.     Select Renew Membership
3.     Update your profile
4.     Complete payment
5.     Confirmation email will be sent


To renew/reinstate your membership with the NSBE PRO-PDX chapter, please contact us directly.
For questions to NSBE’s frequently asked questions, visit the national page here. If you have additional questions, please contact the national organization directly at

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