Developer Productivity 101: Learn from my mistake…

Over the past 6 months I have experienced complete failures of all/most of my electronic devices. For those who know and have seen me in action this is akin to a death sentence because I can’t be productive without technology. That being said I was finally able to get everything straightened out this weekend. In doing so I realized and reflected on a couple things:

  1. I need a device back up strategy

  2. Stop rooting, hacking and altering the things you need for your day to day productivity

  3. Anything can happen at anytime. It is best to be prepared as much as possible.

  4. This country is upside down and the government continues to make bad decisions about privacy & security because they don’t understand tech.

  5. Did I mention I need a back up strategy?

So here we are at the crux of this post. Essentially all this leads me to the realization that if I am in this situation my less technically inclined friends are worstoff. That being said and in the spirit of keeping this post short and sweet (Don’t worry I will write a follow up and you can always hound me on twitter). These are your action items and things to checkout:

  • Get VPN. I am currently dog-fooding Nord VPN

  • Please. Please. Please use your operating systems backup. I