NSBE Pro-PDX Gets Its First Interns

Hello, dear readers! NSBE Pro-PDX is excited to announce the very first two interns to temporarily join the team. As one of these interns, I’d love to share the story of my internship experience at NSBE alongside my fellow intern, Eric Stratton.

Eric and I were brought in for a five week internship from Epicodus, a coding 6-month boot camp here in Portland, OR, after going through the JavaScript, C#/.NET, and React track to become web and mobile developers. We were tasked with revamping the design of NSBE Pro-PDX’s website in Wix and adding a job board and subsequent subscription system. Along the way we were able to reconnect the previously broken search engine optimization (SEO) for the site, improve SEO ratings by bringing 51% more people to the website so far, and make significant design and feature upgrades. Additionally, we’ve been able to work directly with one of NSBE’s members, Damola Omotosho, to work in React (a front-end framework) and C# building web pages for one of his startups, GiftRibbn.

My journey to Epicodus and NSBE started back at the outbreak of the coronavirus in March 2020. I was settling into a new role as Bar & Venue Manager for a (wonderful) local catering company after many years on the leadership side of the hospitality industry, when of course covid happened, and my job very quickly disappeared. I loved my work in hospitality, but I had already been wondering how I wanted to grow in my career next, even before the pandemic started. I had had some experience in web development years prior at a job I held for a company that worked to increase levels of technology for schools, and had taken on web design roles for several volunteer organizations I was a part of in college. I had also done some graphic design work for social media marketing for various hospitality projects over the years, and had taken some course in GIS (geographic information systems), and knew that the interest for development was there. Once we were several months into the outbreak, I realized there was no feasible way to go back to hospitality for me, at least not in the full-time capacity I had been doing. The time for reinvention had come.

The four NSBE Pro-PDX board members of 2021 line up with their two interns in front of a house.